Hi, my name is

Rafael Conde

I design for passion & code for fun


A weekly video screencast tutorial on the design tool Sketch.
Aimed at begginers and experts who wish to expand their knowledge on Sketch and Design Thinking.

Layout FM

Kevin Clark and I record a weekly podcast on design, technology, programming, and everything else really.


An iPhone app that allows you to mirror, store offline and browse Framer prototypes.
Available for free in the App Store.

Break this Safe

A game for your WATCH where you have to use the Digital Crown and Haptic Feedback to break into a digital safe.
Currently in development. Apply to beta test.

iOS 8 UI Kit +

Back when iOS 8 was unveiled at WWDC, I immediately started recreating every native element on Sketch, every app icon on the springboard, share sheets, you name it.
Free download on Github.

people I want to meet

here's a list of people I want to high five in real life

  • Eric Eriksson
  • Matt Helme
  • Kevin Clark
  • Marc Edwards
  • Michael Hurley
  • Jeff Sheldon
  • Julie Zhou
  • Kai Brach
  • Drew Wilson
  • Dan Eden
  • Faith Korpi
  • John Gruber
  • Jessica Hishe
  • Tim Van Damme
  • John Siracusa
  • Benjamin den Boer
  • Helen Tran
  • Pasquale d’Silva
  • CJ Melegrito
  • Lee Simpson
  • Peter Nowell
  • Jason Seifer
  • Laura Kalbag
  • Pieter Omvlee
  • Meng To
  • Alex Cican
  • Jorn van Dijk
  • Koen Bok