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Break this Safe app icon

Break this Safe

A game for your Apple Watch

An watch game in which you take advantage of the digital crown and haptic feedback to break into a safe. A game only possible on the watch that takes advantages of its unique features.

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Companion app for Framer

Frames is a Mirror and Gallery for your Framer prototypes.
Born out of an itch I needed to scratch, it was a very fun project to work on, and it required me to learn a lot more about animations in iOS 👌
Currently working on version 2.

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Weekly videos covering Sketch

I’ve been recording video tutorials every week for almost 3 years now, covering the design tool Sketch. Started out as a small side-project and later it became the reason I was able to afford the jump to the indie life.
We’ve built a custom CMS, video player, and the whole infra-estructure. We charge $8 a month for a membership.


Here’s a couple of smaller things I’ve made that got a bit out of hand

iOS 8 UI Kit icon

iOS 8 UI Kit

I’ve recreated every single element in Sketch, and that got me 2000+ stars on Github.
Which is bananas.

Sublime Text Replacement Icon

Sublime Text Icon

An icon replacement for Sublime Text, my text editor of choice. It got 25K+ views on Dribbble.
Which is bananas.

Offscreen Magazine #8


My face got printed on my favourite magazine ever, and others printed some of my words.
Which is bananas.

Other projects I’ve been involved