Hi, my name is

Rafael Conde

I design for passion & code for fun


As one of the early hires at Netlify, I’ve been in charge of Product Design since the beginning, leading the first complete redesign effort and scaling it ever since.

I’ve been also involved in the most recent redesign of our marketing page, and some of the brand work.

Currently acting as Head of Design, building a team, and designing the future of the product.

Check out our marketing site

Break this Safe

An watch game in which you take advantage of the Digital Crown and haptic feedback to break into a safe.

I designed and built this game from scratch and wrote a bit about the process. I’m currently working on version 2 — DM me on Twitter if you want to help build it.

Learn more about the game, and download it maybe?
Read the case study


Layout is a weekly podcast about design, technology, and everything else—now on the Spec Network.

I record it with my friend Kevin Clark and it's one of the most fulfilling side projects I have ever done. We've recorded more than 100 episodes so far, and have met tons of great listeners and now friends all around the world.

Give it a listen

In a previous life

I used to do some things that I am not really doing anymore

  • Frames

    an iOS utitlity app to save and mirror your Framer prototypes.

  • SketchCasts

    a weekly video tutorial on Sketch.

  • Writing

    I had the honor of being published on netMagazine and Offscreen.

  • How Being a Developer Makes Me a Better Designer

    Transcript of a talk I used to give.

  • The Rise of the JAMstack (DJ set)

    Transcript of another talk I used to give.

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Not currently looking for a job, but here's my résumé if you're into that.